NATURAL HORSE - Natural Horsemanship Equipment and Equine Relationship Training

Natural Horse NZ is a Un-funded Horse Rescue Centre, where we offer help & rehabilitation to unwanted Horses, who have been destined for slaughter due to behavioural issues. We also provide help & support to the people who have misunderstood horses too.

As part of our dedication to help horses to have the best lives possible, we provide non-invasive & horse friendly
All the single ladies-showing 2 of our extreme sized mares-very small and very big equipment through our shopping pages on this site, which go towards helping to fund the care of our rescue herd & provide support for other horses and their carers who are most in need.

All of our Tack items have been designed to help enhance your relationship with your horse including:
Carrot Sticks and Strings
Corrector Saddle Pads
And More.......

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